Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

story of us

I think it's enough..
To enjoy a wonderful story about us .. 
No more fantasy to always be with you .. 
seems it has to be end..

But until now ..
I was also doubtful .. 
With own doubts .. 
Fantasy moment will meet you someday 
With the state no longer like it used to .. 
With a sense of who has now changed 
But still ..
My imagination anchor on you .. 
My mind was still playing with your shadow .. 

I want to ..
Even very like ..
For immediate anchoring of all my dreams ..
No longer to you ...
Not well at your shadow ..
To be sure in your dreams ..
I want to be alone ..
Himself alone with
Later that will realize all my dreams
Without imagination, imagine, and dream about you ..

I ask you one simple wish ..
Maybe this is my biggest ego ..
Needless else would you call my name
In every prayer, steps and also in every single breath you take ..
Maybe you do not ..
But I feel it ..
And I hope it's wrong ..

Help me to forget you ..
Just so you know ..
You are the biggest current image ..
For some reason ..
Help me to remain standing
Although I know this is hard ..

I did promise you
See you again ..
Since that time closer
But I doubt, I'm afraid ..
Guess it's back to blossom ..
It's no longer fall ..
Despite, the fact it still snowy
Who sometimes often impedes our window
Or summer who often come
When your name comes back ..

Trust me ..
Later, I will not bother your life again
Was also with me ..
I'm sure
Later we will enjoy our own lives ..
With still leaving a little space for our story ..

Help me ..
To ended our story

*missing you so much tonight* 

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